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Amitriptyline is a prescription antidepressant medication, which can also be assigned in a small dosage to the patients, suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), accompanied by severe pain.


Don’t start taking the medication Amitriptyline yourself without consulting with your doctor. Only a doctor should decide which medications you should take during the treatment.

Before starting the therapy tell the doctor about all the medicines you have taken over the past 5 weeks. It is very important, since the active components of the drug Amitriptyline can negatively interact with certain substances, which can cause severe complications.

During the first days of taking the drug, the patient's health state should be under a serious doctor’s supervision. Within the patients, younger than 24 years old, there is a probability of the occurrence of suicidal thoughts in the initial period of taking the drug. Any changes in symptoms should be reported to the doctor.

Side Effects

The most common side effects include: severe anxiety, insomnia, increased arousal, panic attacks, aggressiveness, physical and mental hyperactivity, suicidal state. The drug is contraindicated to the patients, who have allergic reactions to its components.

The patients, who have problems with urination, liver disease, mental illness, heart disease, a stroke or heart attack happened in the past, glaucoma or diabetes, should take the medication with extreme caution and be under the full supervision of a doctor during the treatment with Amitriptyline.

People under 12 years old are not allowed to take Amitriptyline.


Patients should take the drug Amitriptyline strictly according to the instructions, as prescribed by the doctor. Your doctor will analyze the degree of your symptoms and medical history and determine the exact dose of the drug. Do not increase or decrease the dosage of the medicine yourself. If after taking the drug there occurred undesirable side effects, immediately contact your doctor.

Treatment with Amitriptyline can be continuous and can last up to several months.

Do not abruptly stop taking the medication if you have not noticed any improvement in your symptoms. Abrupt discontinuation of the drug intake can cause undesirable consequences for the patient’s health.

Patients’ reviews about Amitriptyline for IBS

Some people were rather skeptical, when they were prescribed Amitriptyline to treat IBS, but the drug showed itself positively. The patients began feeling some improvement after the 1st week of taking the drug. They started with the dose of 10 mg. During the therapy, the dosage was gradually increased to 30 mg.

A 22-year-old guy who had been, suffering from IBS since he was 4 years old, could not cope with the problem, as no medicine prescribed by the doctors helped him during long time. The only thing he could do to alleviate the symptoms was to control his diet and choose the food that did not badly affect his intestines. The disease did not seem so terrible when he studied, as he studied at home. But, after he had to begin working, the IBS began causing severe discomfort and stress. Constant abdominal pain caused depression. Then the doctor prescribed him the drug Amitriptyline in an initial dosage of 10 mg. The dose was gradually increased to 25 mg. The medicine has become a real rescue, as the abdominal pain has gone and now the guy is calm and happy. Amitriptyline was the only medicine, which helped to cope with the long-term problem.