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Amitriptyline is a prescription drug indicated for the treatment of anxiety and depression. It can be prescribed to people suffering from insomnia and migraines. The medicine is produced in the form of tablets or a liquid.

The drug intake demands a continuous therapy, which can last up to some months. Therapy time depends on the patient’s symptoms strength. Amitriptyline is usually prescribed as an antidepressant, though if used in low doses, then it can be taken to treat pain.


The best time to take Amitriptyline is the evening time or the time before going to bed, because the drug may cause drowsiness. It’s recommended to avoid driving a car if you use the medication Amitriptyline.

The most common side effects after taking the medicine are constipation and a dry mouth. Some patients noted that they experienced hurt palpitations, chest tightness, fatigue and dizziness.

If you suffer from severe anxiety and you decided to try Amitriptyline, then you should consult the doctor. Your doctor will examine all the symptoms and make the decision concerning the drugs you should take. Probably, you have the indications, which prohibit the usage of Amitriptyline. The exact medication dosage should be established by the doctor. Never choose the dosage of the drug yourself as it may be harmful for your health.


The liquid form is produced as the substances, containing 10 mg, 25 mg and 50 mg of the drug in a spoonful of 5 ml.

The tablets of Amitriptyline have several dosages: 10 mg, 25 mg and 50 mg.

The medication can be prescribed in low doses of 25-50 mg to the children over 16 years old if it is necessary and demanded by the doctor.

Commonly, Amitriptyline is prescribed in the dose of 50-100 mg daily for adult patients. The dosage may be increased under the doctor’s control. It depends on the patient’s disease level.

In the case of skipping of the drug intake the patient should take it when there will be the time for the next intake. It is forbidden to take two doses of the drug simultaneously, as it may cause the overdosing with Amitriptyline.

Patient’s reviews

The drug showed its best advantages, as a treatment way against panic attacks, depression and anxiety. Many people took it in small doses to overcome insomnia and were happy with the result. Some patients completely got rid of severe stress and panic attacks as a result of treatment with this medication.

The reviews concerning the Amitriptyline medication’s action are basically positive. Most people, who experienced anxiety and were prescribed Amitriptyline, noticed a favorable relief of their symptoms.

The drug helped some patients to overcome panic attacks and continue leading a habitual lifestyle in society. Some people noted, that earlier a high feeling of anxiety could arise at any moment, and now they no more afraid of visiting public places.

There were patients, who have been taking the medication for 6 months before it began acting and relieving the symptoms of anxiety and stress. For other patients it took just a couple of weeks to feel better.

There are people, who do not recommend taking the medication Amitriptyline, as when they started to use this drug against anxiety, they began experiencing severe side effects and even the worsening of stress and depression.

If after a continuous usage of Amitriptyline the patient did not observe any symptoms relief, then the doctor reduced the medication doses up to a complete drug withdrawal and prescribed another medicine.